For CityLeaks Benjamin Gaulon developed a series of workshop based „Retail Poisoning interventions“ in a common effort with a group of ten participants over a duration of three days in Cologne Nordstadt.

H&M Droplifting
Target: H&M
Schildergasse 24-30, 50667 Köln
An intervention of placing a large Gap logo on H&M t-shirts and inserting them back into the store, followed by an attempt to purchase the altered t-shirts, disturbing and confusing the flow of consumption.

Dead Pixel
Target: Saturn
Hohe Str. 41-53, 50667 Köln
Placing custom stickers on screens in electronic store TV screens, advertisement screens and ATMS in public spaces to resemble dead pixels.

Made to Break
Target: Media Markt
Hohe Straße 121-131, 50667 Köln
The act consisted of filling the camera screens in the Media Markt display with the words “Made to Break” playing on loop, by inserting SD cards into the cameras.

Pirate Bay Gift Card
Target: Media Markt
Hohe Straße 121-131, 50667 Köln
A counter-consuming intervention of inserting Pirate Bay cards for 0€ within a display of gift cards at the MediaMarkt electronics store, with the description “Apps, Spiele, Musik, Filme, TV Sendungen und Pornos.” The store’s gift cards included I-Tunes, Google Play, Apple Music, World of Warcraft, H&M and Ikea.

Property of Nestle
Target: Public spaces
Placing stickers depicting the Nestle logo and the text “Property of Nestle” on public fountains and bathroom faucets.

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Benjamin Gaulon