Die Stadt, die es nicht gibt

Edition: Die Stadt, die es nicht gibt

By 2050, according to the UN forecast on the development of the world population, 9.3 billion people will populate our planet, 70% of humanity will then live in cities. The tendency of urbanization and urbanization of man is immanent. It is the cities that form the platform for future groundbreaking decisions in all areas of human action and thought - in politics, society, culture and science.


coherent existance

Edition: re:public

Johannes Hoffmann, Maximilian Bentler and Daryan Knoblauch, three former architecture students at the Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences, addressed the housing issue in their exhibition Coherent Existence. Growing cities lack space close to the center for quality housing, and meanwhile the shoe is on the other foot everywhere. With their urban and progressive experiments, they question conventional approaches to housing.