What motifs would be better suited to capture the processuality and eternal unfinishedness of urban space, as it emerges particularly impressively around the Nippeser Bahntrasse, than those painted quasi-objects? Friedlich's colorful acrylic paint also mirrors the graffiti pieces on the pillars of the railroad line opposite, which were created during past editions of the CityLeaks Festival. Last but not least, Friedlich's own imprint on the formal language and color codes of classic graffiti also shines through in this constellation. In contrast to the relatively "wild" and unoccupied urban and street spaces around Hüttenstrasse and Liebigstrasse, the place where ZOER aka Frédéric Battle realized his mural during the 2019 festival is in many ways a crowded place for which constant change has practically become the norm: Shaped by its rich industrial heritage, Lichtstrasse, with its many old factory buildings and winding backyards, has long been a biotope for countless cultural actors who have created studios, galleries, clubs and concert venues here. The artistic influence of the streets is evidenced not only by the many murals that have been created here over the past few years, but also by the many graffiti, paste-ups, stickers, tiles and stencils that line the entire street. Attracted by the creative free spirit of this place, building developers have also been crowding Lichtstrasse for years, renovating old industrial buildings and often turning them into expensive office space. The multitude of players and especially of "developers" creates a pressure that increasingly leads to displacement.

Lukas Friedlich