Continuing the series “Body as Display”, intercultural dialogue is dedicated to research on body and movement metaphors. The body as a fashionable, but also as a political platform, the body as a social necessity, the staging of the body, the question of self-perception, so-called “aesthetic” design methods and the biological process of aging are the focus of the choreographic approach. The focus here is also on the desire to constantly optimize the body: body as a living document of a self-designed and flawless life. Body that is trained and formed, transformed and shaped, as a sign of strength and self-determination, instrumentalized to a metaphorical statement about our position in life, symbolic conformity along the media beauty ideals, a display that secures a place in society. 
IPtanz is an interdisciplinary group of artists around the dancer and choreographer Ilona Pászthy. IPtanz has been producing dance productions since 2000, which can be experienced by the public in public spaces as well as in specific locations and in theatrical spaces. Staged both nationally and internationally, they open the border between the audience and the artists. This allows the viewer an immediate encounter and a more direct access to the discussion of the topics. Media as well as interdisciplinary and international cooperations play a decisive role. Audience-building measures such as discussions with the audience and formats for young audiences, but also studios for young up-and-coming dancers in Brazzaville and Kinshasa as well as for the first time in Singapore in 2019 are important components of the work.

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IP Tanz & Maya Dance Theatre
Bunker k1010