Rituals are symbolic, mostly spiritually charged actions that deal with the basic questions of human existence. They are supported by the basic need for security and continuity in a world that is perceived as endangered and unstable.
There are community rituals, which are determined by common rules and codes and take place in very different social contexts. On the other hand, there are rituals that people develop for themselves personally, which usually center on the need for regularity and clarity.

Looking at this definition, the search for and description of rituals within a neighborhood offers the possibility, beyond facts, to experience in a poetic and sensual way the social fabric and the (in)stability of a diverse urban society.

But what is a ritual of sharing? And where can it be found?

Eva-Maria Baumeister shares her observations in short comments, photos and locations on the CityLeaks Twitter account for a runtime of two weeks.

Sharing Cities
Eva-Maria Baumeister