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All our movements are ritualized.
Starting with the way we place our feet when getting in the morning down to our routes through urban space: well-trodden paths that take us to well-familiar destinations with a secure monotony.
At the end of the day, one not only descends back into bed, but also faces the certainty of having passed round about 50.000 thoughts, 98 per cent of which matching exactly those of the day before and those again matching exactly those of the day before this and so on ad infinitum. All our movements, also those of the mind and soul, are ritualized.

As a director Eva-Maria Baumeister (born 1978) brought along the attention as well as the sense of detail necessary for tracking down and mapping from within an abundance of everyday processes the ones related to sharing in Nippes and around Eigelstein. Baumeister’s Ritual Mapping pays special attention to often unnoticed, yet nevertheless big gestures, reveals hidden beauties, and reconnects the quarter to its population by documenting her fieldwork in tweets, photos, or short texts.