By 2050, according to the UN forecast on the development of the world population, 9.3 billion people will populate our planet, 70% of humanity will then live in cities. The tendency of urbanization and urbanization of man is immanent. It is the cities that form the platform for future groundbreaking decisions in all areas of human action and thought - in politics, society, culture and science.

But in the face of this development, our understanding of the city seems limited. We find it difficult to make the city tangible and to understand its cosmos and its underlying principles. For what is the city? How does it constitute itself, how does it organize and structure itself and thus human labor, our economic system and consumption, and our social fabric? How do urban structures and processes shape people, their behavior and thinking, their self-perception and their relationships?
Following theories of space and thinkers such as Michel de Certeau, Michel Faucault, Henri Lefebvre and Franz Xaver Baier, the exhibition "The City That Doesn't Exist" seeks to artistically negotiate urban space and illuminate its interaction with the individual and society. The philosophy of space contextualizes the exhibition and offers access to the positions shown. The view of the exhibition goes further than the status quo and wants to stimulate utopias to develop the city. The reference to the changing relationship between the private and the public is essential to the process.
The urban cosmos is expanding. It is dynamic and continuously changing. In its development, it interacts with people, their creative urge and environmental influences. Last but not least, it depends on the individual perception of each person and thus becomes the "city that does not exist.

Die Stadt, die es nicht gibt
Festival Center Carlswerk, Kupferwerk
Adrien Tirtiaux
Aïda Gomez
Alexander Basile
Alfredo Ledesma
Ari Saarto
Bastian Hoffmann
Borgman Lenk
Boris Tellegen
Damian Weber
Daniel Lisson
Dennis Freischlad
Dora Garcia
Fra. Biancoshock
Iris Dostal
Isabelle Pateer
Jakub Nepraš
John Trashkowsky
Kay Walkowiak
Maito Firmino
Marcus Jansen
Mark Jenkins
Meggie Schneider
Melanie Manchot
Nico Joana Weber
Nicolas Dellamartina
Nicole Prutsch
Orilo Blandini
Paolo Cirio
Sebas Velasco
Tina Hage
Vera Drebusch
Wayne Horse