The collaboration between Berlin architect Clemens Klein and Alex Schweder, born in New York City in 1970, is a proven collaboration. In 2007 Schweder has coined the term ´Performance Architecture` in order to capture his understanding of architecture: architecture prescribes how we should behave while at the same time allowing its inhabitants to develop and express their identities. Schweder’s objects, landscapes and buildings have their own dynamics, but also sometimes require the movement of their users in order to engage with them. Schweder’s works are exhibited and collected internationally, such as a.o. by MoMa, Tate Britain, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Venice Biennale of Architecture 2014. He is fellow at the American Academy in Rome and lives and works in New York City.
Clemens Klein studied in Berlin and Zurich. He uses his education and experience as an architect to construct immersive experimental setups that incorporate the interplay of sensory impression and behavior. His work questions the dependence of sensorium and space by, for example, shielding a room on a station forecourt the background noise or moving objects with geothermal activity into the exhibition space. Clemens Klein lives and works in Berlin.


Pic ©Matthew_Brown