The structures of a city are always physical, historical, cultural and, above all, fictional. Everything that has ever become a reality has started with an idea, with a utopia that one has added time and effort to. Nowadays it seems that participation is more important than ever. Whether the erosion of democratic structures, corporations’ lobbying of parliaments, or a seemingly unstoppable slide into plutocracy, where the individual citizen is increasingly deprived of his or her rights – the majority of us only endures that powerlessness on the premise that there is still enough prosperity for everyone and that the social fabric remains sufficiently stable. One among many formulas for the future may be: more responsibility by way of more cooperation and initiative. Berlin artist collective ON/OFF, a network of architects, designers, curators and other “urbanists”, demonstrates how this may be realized. Their temporary installations and constructions formed the foundation of the 2017 festival centre on Ebertplatz.

Ebertplatz (Festival Center), 50668 Köln

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