The Eigelstein quarter has many faces. Around Cologne’s Ebertplatz people from almost all strands of society have found a place to live. As a consequence, the quarter seems to lack a stable identity. The Eigelstein seems to be neither subjected to an irreversible gentrification process, as it may be observed in neighbouring Agnesviertel, nor is it home to old-established and migrant populations exclusively. It is inhabited neither by the working-class nor the academic bourgeoisie only.

In their former works, Halil Özet and Nina Kradepohl have addressed issues of identity and trans culture, which they deem crucial for the development of cities and socially stigmatized boroughs in particular.

What one may regard as vital diversity and authentic flair is an imposition to another one. Both filmmakers thus roamed Eigelstein either alone or in company.

Eigelstein 66, 50668 Köln
Weidengasse 22, 50668 Köln

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