Andrey Ustinov devotes himself to the secondary arts. The native Russian sees secondary art as an art that remains unnoticed at first glace and is connected to making unconventional use of public resources. As part of his much-noticed project “Open Power” in 2016, he published a map of public sockets on the backside of a billboard near river Rhine, which was later also made available online. Yet Ustinov’s works are not only of interest to people in need of electrical power. Billboards also feature prominently in his installation “Iconoclash”: a billposter tears down posters in public space instead of pasting them. Ustinov also likes to play with the public’s expectations. At the 2017 Media Art Biennale in Wroclaw, visitors did not get to watch the eponymous “Film Noir” they expected, but instead had to stare at a black screen illuminated by six LED spotlights in the middle of a forest – and stayed all night regardless.