In times of political upheaval when the social fabric threatens to tear apart and obvious injustices can no longer be ignored, on cannot do without the work of fools (i.e. cabaret artists and comedians) and artists. They hold up the mirror, they may love the truth. When chaos and bigotry reign, their time has come. El Marian’s large and colourful murals leave no doubt to the fact that it always needs a David to rebel against the deeds of an evil Goliath. There is nothing left to him but to take a stand against this overly powerful force with his merely modest means. Without addressing a clear-cut enemy image or taking a stand on something unequivocally, the artist creates highly recognizable sceneries that still remain undecided; instead, they seem to prompt us to probe the wall more attentively. Maybe this is the kind of protest that the world is in need for today: Action, critical observation and an educated tongue.