More and more often sound art breaks out of institutional spaces in order to conquer new sites for itself. Not only is it increasingly heard in public space, but also seeks to involve residents and their homes, such as the American artists and composers Bill Dietz (born 1983) and Jordan Topiel Paul (born 1985) did for their project Stavenhof Latency Architecture.

“Im Stavenhof” has a long and colourful past. With its narrow and dim atmosphere, the small, multicultural alley connecting Eigelstein and Gereonswall has always provided ideal conditions for all kinds of vice and debauchery. Like no other street in Cologne it has been able to preserve its original character into our days. Everyone strolling through it, experiences a touch of Mediterranean flair and may recognize Gründerzeit style buildings next to postmodern edifices. For Stavenhof Latency Architecture several residents opened their doors and windows on 23rd September – yet not in order to make their own voices, but their audio systems sound and resound through the alley according to the artists’ score.