The “Schule der politischen Hoffnung” (SdpH) is a politico-artistic institution in motion, founded in Cologne in 2017 and run by the organizers and political activists Georg Blokus, Anna-Mareen Henke and Corinna Ujkasevic. The SdpH is its current Democrats in Europe and the progressive sciences in terms of collecting and forming communities, in terms of the means of art, in terms of education and activism of political hope. Georg Blokus, born in 1987 near Gdansk, lives in Cologne and works as a psychologist, theater-maker and cultural organizer. From 2014 to 2016 he was Artistic-Educational Director of the Junge Akademie der Künste der Welt / Köln. In 2017 he initiated the “School of Political Hope” (SdpH), where he works as an artistic director and realizes projects at the interface of action and discourse art. “Reclaiming the Right to the City of Hope” is a street academy for political activists, artists and citizens, led by Georg Blokus, Artistic Director of the “Schule der politischen Hoffnung” (SdpH).
On two evenings we become the CityLeaks Urban Art Festival. In particular, the political storytelling method of the “public narrative” according to Marshall will cause a stir in many American communities. The participants then organize a Residents’ Assembly on the third evening, using the methods they have learned and opening the way for the collective appropriation of the street and a right to a city of hope. Still a lost one that needs to be revived in a concrete way. On the one hand, consciously interested people from all over the city should be invited and on the other, existing initiatives in the street should be integrated.