CYLVESTER are the Cologne duo Max Schweder and Tobias Hartmann. With an individually assembled setup of analogue and digital synthesizers, samplers and effects units, CYLVESTER play electronic bass music live and without a laptop. Their setup enables the two musicians to play with one and the same equipment set-up as if they were playing a single instrument, from the development of initial idea sketches to live concerts. In addition, they visualise their show during their performances with the software CYLvision, which they developed themselves. This software reacts in real time to all sounds and simultaneously processes the input of a 3D camera that films the musicians' live playing. CYLVESTER are thus able to mix improvisational joy of playing and detailed production aesthetics in their multi-faceted, bass-driven danceable music.
In the context of CityLeaks 2021, there will be no musical performance by the duo, but reactive audio-visual art in the urban space. The aim is to open up new approaches to the city as a space of possibility that combine digital and analogue levels of perception: How can public spaces, inaccessible or forgotten spaces be spontaneously transformed into creative spaces? How can urban space and digital space be brought together and expanded? Under the title ALL-YOUR-BASE, CYLVESTER is developing a mobile, tactical tool for interactive & reactive audio-visual installations and interventions in public space. This means: A mobile projector, with audio system, Kinect camera and computer. The tool is designed as a "commons" and is available to all creatives and cultural workers during the festival. Accessibility will be supported through workshops and project formats.