Let us be assured that a performance may only be realized in its best and actual sense when a certain commitment is established between artist and audience, a commitment that we may well call “mental affiliation” with reference to Paul Valéry’s “mental embarrassment”. That is why PAErsche was established as platform for promoting exchange, networking and cooperation among international performance initiatives. PAErsche was founded in Cologne in 2010, works according to the principle of the gift and operates nomadically. During CityLeaks Festival 2017 various artists unfolded their performative cosmos in- and outside Gallery Koppelmann – Kunstwerk Nippes that functioned as PAErsche’s temporary coordination office from 1st to 24th September.

curated by Gallery Koppelmann - Kunstwerk Nippes

Gallery Koppelmann – Kunstwerk Nippes, Baudristraße 5, 50733 Köln
Ebertplatz (Festival Center), 50668 Köln
Different places in Cologne-Nippes, 50733 Köln

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