Ten years is nothing. In ten years the sun has barely come closer to its inevitable extinction and still it takes round about two million years till the Giza pyramids’ last stone will be weathered by wind and dust. However, ten years may also be a terribly long time during which almost everything can change. Ten years ago the first iPhone descended from an analogue sky in order to enter a digital market, and Anna Nicole Smith died as a rich woman. Moreover, Holger Weißflog, Jakob Bardou and Veit Tempich started a collaborative adventure that continues until today and has turned countless walls into better ones. As Innerfields, their repertoire reaches from spray can to leaf gold, from photorealism to abstract design, from interiors to gigantic house facades. One can hardly imagine how many conversations, discussions and experiments it took until they were able to merge their respective observations and deliberations into a unique style allowing them to communicate visually in a free and poignant manner.

Neusser Str. 242-244 (Rückseite), 50733 Köln