MARJE HIRVONEN was born in Finland, but has been living in Cologne since 2008, where she has studied at the local University of Music and Dance. Since then, she has been working in the fields of dance, theatre and performance. Her pieces have been staged in various theatres and off spaces as well on a number of festivals. She first rose to attention with the highly acclaimed performance “Trinity” for four dancers as well as the dance piece “RAVE”, which was put on stage on the occasion of New Talents Biennale in Cologne. She has been resident artist of Goethe Institute in Bangalore, India and part of the dance project Fantastic5 as well as FREIraum ensemble. Moreover, Hirvonen has acquired renown as an actress and choreographer for music videos. In June, her latest work “Hangxiety” premiered at Tanzfaktur Cologne, a piece that engages with anxiety as a liminal experience on both a physical and psychic level.


Pic: Ingo Solms