The, on the way between park belt and Wöhlerstraße found Mittelstreifenmarkierung is only rudimentarily present, the path quality is mediocre, the way but heavily used by pedestrians, joggers, cyclists of all ages. craus | tap reactivate the white ground marking strip. They use the resulting luminous line as a field for a text that describes a sequence of perceptions, atmospheres, actions that stimulate the imagination and open an associative game, that run down, -go, walk, -walk with each other can. The clear aesthetic marking of the path creates a passage of the exchange of ideas between all users of the area. Sandy Craus and Sebastian Hahn are on site during the CityLeaks weekends and printing text. Running audience is welcome. Follow the line.
craus | hahn have been working together since 2018 on objects and interventions, preferably in public spaces. With their artistic approach, they jealously explore fractures and play possibilities of the space. With their works, they create brute-poetic and blunt points of contact for social and geopolitical questions of the viewer to the respective location and its layering.