Zoer has been accompanying the fascination for cars since childhood. Born in 1985 in Palermo (Sicily), Zoer drew early on bodywork, auto parts and other components of the auto industry such. B. lettering. In his works, he metaphorically disassembles cars into their individual parts, extracts their color, refers to cars from pop culture, works on the material metal, and produces technical drawings of the bodies. Inspired by decay, urban deconstruction and absurdity, he picks up on objects and situations in the urban environment to reproduce them in his site-specific works. Although Zoer’s paintings certainly appear on canvas in his work, his medium is the street. Walls, old shipwrecks, cars and their parts, train cars and entire facades of houses become unique with their motifs; his gigantic murals made him known throughout Europe. Zoer’s most recent project is not a mural, but an installation: two cars, one above the other and wedged together, with white lettering on a green field near Clermont-Ferrand in France.